Gravity Defying Black Unicorn

So many awesome techniques you'll be BURSTING with inspiration!

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Learn to make my gravity defying Black Nebula Unicorn showpiece!

Imagine being the star of the cake show with a 3D cake, standing on a point, covered in that super shiny mirror glaze! If people already ask "WHOA! That's cake?!?" then the next question they'll have for you is "How on earth do you do it? You get better and better at these cakes every time!"

Yes, you can make Black Nebula Unicorn exactly as she is, AND you can use any or all of the techniques inside to create your own WOW-FACTOR cake design!

Here's what techniques are inside waiting for you:

  • Blueprinting and structure
  • Carved RKT (and yes, while i made this out of RKT so I could save it, it's EASY to swap in cake!)
  • Modeling chocolate
  • Mirror glaze
  • Isomalt and sugar work (spun and pulled)
  • Sculpting
  • Fancy board finishing

Broken down into small, bit-sized videos so you can easily grab a single topic and revisit without searching, this tutorial is comprehensive with recipes, tools and materials resources to make navigating your own cool cake simple.

Fast track your creativity and reignite your inspiration with this showpiece tutorial!

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Kara Andretta
Kara Andretta

Kara is most well known for her cake blogging shenanigans at, and chances are that's how you found her. While her food science savvy and decorating prowess are what she's recognized for, she also has a background in business and management.

Knowing that beautiful cake doesn't make for a successful business, Kara set out to create the only professional learning environment only for caker decorators. You won't find recipes or tutorials here as this is where she focuses on the business side of caking.

Kara's talent for teaching, passion for cakes, and calling to help transform other passionate creative people's lives has transformed into creating life altering courses continuously evolving to bring the best, most current, and laser-focused information to those serious about taking their cake decorating hobby or small business to the next level.

With a background in the fine arts, education, two degrees in hand from The Culinary Institute of America, and countless Pro Cake University Alumni testimonials she's ready to change the world, one caker at a time.

She is a homeschooling mom, average knitter, lover of all things food science, and a Harry Potter nerd. She’s also been referred to as a crazy cat lady, but she unconvincingly denies those accusations.

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